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If you are looking for a fun birthday party for kids of all ages, AJ’s Mobile Game Theater is for you.

AJ’s Mobile Game Theater brings the gaming experience to your doorsteps or business. Our game theater is equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable gaming experience. We carry the most popular and current video games which you will have access to when you book your party. We offer a variety of gaming consoles for your event, including X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii-U and PlayStation 4 which you can use to play together or against your friends.

We show up on-time and excited to be at your event! We believe in customer satisfaction and want every person in attendance to have a memorable experience.

A Great Time Inside And Out

Let AJ's Mobile Game Theater Bring A Great Time To Your Door

Displaying all of the gaming entertainment is six 55" LED HDTV's with the help of a pulse pounding 10,000 watt custom audio system. We have strategically place a subwoofer and 20 component speakers throughout the trailer so you are immersed in the action of the video game you are playing while still being able to enjoy the hit music you have playing in the background.

The air conditioner is controlled by a digital thermostat and can be as cool or warm as you need. The seats are leather with well cushioned inserts, the walls are wrapped in suede and the floor is a durable non slip rubber. On the outside of the unit an awning covers the TV's to reduce glare and the same wrapped suede is used around the televisions to continue the look.

Let The Games Begin!

We come to your event and take care of everything.

We have the best Game Truck, the best gaming consoles and all of the latest games. But, what really makes the difference is our ability to keep kids from from ages 4 to 104 engaged and excited throughout your event. Whether it's a party, church, corporate event, festival or any other event we will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of professionalism so you will choose us again.

We're licensed, insured and require a two hour minimum for rentals. We operate our AJ's Mobile Game Theater 7 days a week. Whether you have a private house party, all day event or a week long festival we are here to make your event memorable. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

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